Support Groups

Support groups bring together people facing similar grievances, issues, and experiences. A support group is a platform for people to be able to share their personal experiences and thoughts, coping mechanisms, or information about their treatment and what they went through. For most people, support groups are a way to fill the gap between their mental health concern and the need for emotional support.

At Atha, we encourage our clients to enroll in our support groups as a way to share their experiences, feelings, and help one another. Our support groups provide mental and emotional support, as well as provide our clients an opportunity to destigmatize and understand the importance of addressing mental health concerns at all stages.

Enroll for Mental Health Support Group

We have formed mental health support groups for young adolescents, adults, parents, and family members.
Our support groups provide mental health support for:

  • People dealing with anxiety and depression
  • People dealing with addiction
  • Grief care and management
  • Diminishing the stigma surrounding mental health
  • Caregiver’s mental wellbeing and self care