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Every mind matters, and at Atha our focus is on enabling and maintaining psychological well-being through the use of scientific and action-oriented psychotherapy. This is achieved through skill-based training programs which facilitate practical learning and actionable skills.

On Demand Training

Atha provides in-depth and on-demand online training sessions that provide an immersive and practical learning experience. These include training programs in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (RECBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Practice of Counseling skills.

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We conduct online workshops for mental health professionals as well as the general public on topics largely revolving around RECBT concepts. At Atha, our primary focus relies on practical skills training through peer counselling, demonstration, and qualitative feedback.

Atha also conducts workshops for the general public as an awareness initiative and helps to resolve and manage emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems.

Through these general workshops, we provide mental health and well-being toolkits that are awareness-based, prevention-focussed, and practically applicable in day-to-day life.

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We conduct a number of online workshops for working mental health professionals to enable them to learn and upskill themselves in different areas of mental health such as Personality disorders, Depression and Anxiety management, Addiction management, Grief counseling, Therapeutic journaling, and so on.

These are based on evidence-based therapeutic principles like CBT, REBT, ACT, and Mindfulness. Our main focus is on practical skills training through peer counseling, demonstrations, and qualitative feedback.

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As we deal with various emotional and mental concerns on a regular basis, counseling can be a safe space for most of us. It is important to remember that you are not alone, and we will always be here to listen and guide you. At Atha, we encourage you to check in on yourself and seek the help and guidance of professionals. Our online counselling sessions provide a safe habitat for you to not only seek the help you need, but also learn and develop coping skills.

*Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have moved all our counselling sessions onto a virtual platform.

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy involves one-on-one counseling sessions with a trained mental health clinician for adults, and the elderly. These sessions are conducted in a safe, confidential manner, thereby allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings openly, as we guide you through the process of acceptance and change.

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Adolescent Therapy

Young adolescents in today’s technology driven atmosphere are subject to various problems like procrastination, exam stress, social media addiction, social anxiety, and so on. Adolescent therapy is aimed at young people to help them make sense of their feelings, their behavior, and their thoughts. Atha provides adolescent therapy for young individuals via a range of activity-oriented sessions to help them overcome their emotional and behavioral problems.

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Couples Therapy

Therapy sessions with a clinically trained therapist for couples in a romantic relationship who wish to improve their relationship, gain insight into it, and work and resolve conflicts via therapeutic interventions focussed on conflict management, relational patterns, emotional expressions, and exploring relationship vision.

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Community mental health care can serve as a focal point for the assessment and treatment of common mental health issues. Community mental health programs include crisis support, supportive psychotherapeutic tools, mental health prevention,mental health promotion, knowledge sharing, and more. At Atha, we run multiple community mental health programs to support individuals and help them through the process.

Journey Within

Our world is dealing with unprecedented times right now. At Atha, we want to ensure that mental health and well-being comes first. Journey Within is our newly initiated community mental health project that is designed by integrating both eastern and western psychological concepts to manage community based problems. To address these issues, we conduct both free and paid webinars as well as live online sessions on topics of community mental healthcare.

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Project YOUth

Initiated on World Youth Day this year, Project YOUth is a one-of-a-kind project that aims to help teens and young adults aged between 18 to 28, to deal with various psychological problems through scientific, evidence, and research based models of psychotherapy such as REBT(Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy), CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ACT(Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

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Support Groups

Our support groups at Atha are an effective therapeutic adjunct that enables individuals from all walks of life to share their experiences, feelings, and help one another. These support groups provide a platform to bring awareness, normalize and understand mental health concerns.


We have formed mental health support groups for young adolescents, adults, parents, family members, etc. The support groups span across different mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, self care and management, diminishing the stigma around mental health issues and healthcare, empowering oneself, and so on.

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Upcoming Events


Our team at Atha conducts numerous events such as online workshops, webinars, wellness sessions and so on.
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Become a Mental Health Advocate for Atha

Over the years, the stigma surrounding mental health diseases has reduced considerably. The reason for this: Mental health advocates. At Atha, our primary goal is to help others be heard and overcome the attitudinal barriers that surround mental health concerns in our society.

We welcome you to contribute to this cause and raise awareness by becoming a mental health advocate for us!

Become a Volunteer

Intership for Psychology Graduates

Atha provides unpaid internship opportunities for psychology students and postgraduates. Interns will be able to gain experience in mentoring and working on various projects at Atha. The internship will include experiential learning-toolkit creation, webinars, website content generation, blog writing and so on.

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