About Us


Atha was founded by Ms. Asira Chirmuley as a way to provide and educate people about the importance of psychotherapy and the various techniques to improve one’s mental health.

Atha Centre for Psychotherapy and Training, founded in 2016, is a specialized training and consultancy centre that addresses mental health and well-being. This centre is based in Thane, Mumbai (India).

Over the past couple of years, studies have repeatedly shown patterns of increase in mental health problems among people across different age groups. The average individual of today is likely to experience one or more mental health concerns at least once throughout their lifetime.

Atha Centre for Psychotherapy and Training is built on two premises—scientific, evidence-based psychotherapy methodologies, as well as eastern psychological concepts. One such inspiration is the holy scripture ‘Bhagavad Gita’ which is a practical handbook highlighting the art of living. We believe that it is a manual for re-educating our mind.

Thus, a blend of both the above mentioned entities contribute to our sole objective of enabling every individual in self-empowerment and transformation.

At Atha, we want to create a safe haven for anyone who wishes to seek help and guidance on their path to mental well-being. Our aim is to spread awareness and enable you to cope with mental and emotional distress. Although we provide a range of mental health services, we primarily stress upon and advocate for the importance of prevention as one of the main steps to achieving mental well-being.

Values & Principles

  • mental-welbeing

    We believe in facilitating human
    growth and potential

  • mental-welbeing

    Gratitude as an everyday
    practice in life

  • mental-welbeing

    To ourselves , our thoughts, our feelings,
    and especially to the service
    we provide to our clients.

  • mental-welbeing

    Maintaining transparency within
    our team, and with our clients

  • mental-welbeing
    Belief in our people

    We believe in treating everyone as
    an equal and capable of
    achieving their best.

Our Vision & Mission




Ms. Asira Chirmuley

Founder and Director of Atha

Ms. Asira Chirmuley is an Associate Fellow and Supervisor of Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RECBT) from Albert Ellis Institute, New York (USA), Training faculty Level 2. She has also completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University, MNWC, Mumbai. Ms. Asira also received training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (USA). She is also a certified Gottman Leader.

She is an International Affiliate member of the distinguished American Psychological Association (APA).


Ms. Asira is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and is listed in Association for Contextual Behavioral Science’s official website as an ACT Therapist .She is also a visiting faculty at VES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai for Postgraduate students of Psychology. She offers scientific therapy sessions for managing various emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, anger, hurt etc.

An extremely disciplined and determined visionary, a highly qualified and well informed professional, and an honest, reflective and enthusiastic mentor, Ms. Asira Chirmuley is the pillar of Atha.

Her work is primarily dedicated to creating awareness related to Alzheimer’s disorder, Schizophrenia, and prevention of suicide. She aspires to integrate western psychological concepts with eastern psychology.

She is focused on integrating psychology with spirituality. Ms. Asira’s dream project is to design a model of psychotherapy inspired from Indian psychological and philosophical concepts.

Her work revolves around mentoring and training mental health professionals, psychiatrists, social workers, special educators, students and the general public and she has conducted more than 150 workshops and training programs.

She is very optimistic, encouraging and has a healthy sense of humor that keeps the team motivated and high spirited. Her zeal for perfection ensures quality delivery of services with respect to consultation, training, education and spreading awareness.

On 8th March, 2021, on the occasion of Women’s Day, Ms. Asira Chirmuley was felicitated by Ms. Seema Uplekar, IAW’s representative for WHO and the United Nations (UN) for her outstanding contribution in the area of mental health and well-being

Under Ms. Asira’s vision, leadership and encouragement, Atha Centre for Psychotherapy and Training has undertaken various initiatives and projects.